Past Presidents, Founding Council, and Founding Members

SoFiE wishes to express its gratitude for the vision and leadership of its past presidents, founding council, and founding members, who generously lent their expertise and names to SoFiE's mission.

Past Presidents:

Robert F. Engle and Eric Ghysels (Founding Co-Presidents, 2007-2011), Francis X. Diebold (2011-2013)

Founding Council:

John Y. Campbell, Harvard University
Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania
Robert F. Engle, New York University
A. Ronald Gallant, Duke University
René Garcia, EDHEC Nice
John F. Geweke, University of Iowa
Eric Ghysels, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Christian Gouriéroux, University of Toronto and INSEE-CREST
Clive W. J. Granger, University of California, San Diego
Lars Peter Hansen, University of Chicago
Wolfgang Härdle, Humboldt University
Ravi Jagannathan, Northwestern University
Adrian Pagan, Australian National University
Eric Renault, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
George Tauchen, Duke University

Founding Members:

Karim M. Abadir, Imperial College London
Tobias Adrian, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Princeton University
Andrew Ang, Columbia Business School
Turan G. Bali, Baruch College
Federico M. Bandi, University of Chicago
Luc Bauwens, CORE and Catholique de Louvain
Arthur M. Berd, Quantitative Alternatives, LLC
Tim Bollerslev, Duke University
Berto Brauns, Campbell & Company
Stephen Brown, New York University
John Campbell, Harvard University
Peter Carr, Bloomberg LP
Mikhail Chernov, London Business School
Thomas C. Chiang, Drexel University
Ray Chou, Academia Sinica and National Chiao Tung University
Peter Christoffersen, McGill University
Albert Lee Chun, Copenhagen Business School
Stylianos Cymparidis, London Metropolitan University
Antonis Demos, Athens University of Economics and Business
Kathleen DeRose, Credit Suisse
Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania
Feike C. Drost, Tilburg University
Jefferson Duarte, University of Washington
Jean-Marie Dufour, McGill University
Mardi Dungey, University of Tasmania
Robert Engle, New York University
Jianqing Fan, Princeton University
Jon Faust, Johns Hopkins University
Marcelo Fernandes, University of London
Wai Mun Fong, National University of Singapore
Philip Hans Franses, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Ronald Gallant, Duke University
Giampiero M. Gallo, University of Florence
Jiti Gao, University of Adelaide
René Garcia, University of Montreal
Nikolaos Georgikopoulos, Centre for Planning and Economic Research, Greece
James M. Gerard, Fidelity Investments
John Geweke, University of Iowa
Eric Ghysels, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Raul Gonzalez, University of Geneva
Andreas Gottschling, Deutsche Bank AG
Christian Gourieroux, University of Toronto and INSEE-CREST
Clive Granger, University of California, San Diego
Abhishek Gupta, GETCO, LLC
Niels Haldrup, CREATES, University of Aarhus
Tony Hall, University of Technology, Sydney
Yufeng Han, Tulane University
Lars Peter Hansen, University of Chicago
Peter R. Hansen, Stanford University
Wolfgang Härdle, Humboldt University
Joel Hasbrouck, New York University
Patricia L. Higgins, Go-Market, Inc.
Robert J. Hodrick, Columbia University
Yongmiao Hong, Cornell University and Xiamen University
Stan Hurn, Queensland University of Technology
Lavrentis Iavrentiadis, Iavrentiadis Group of Companies
Eric Jacquier, HEC Montreal
Ravi Jagannathan, Northwestern University
Eric Jondeau, University of Lausanne
Frank C.J.M. de Jong, Tilburg University
Paul Kofman, University of Melbourne
Petter Kolm, New York University
Siem Jan Koopman, Free University of Amsterdam
Petros Kyriakides, Titu Maiorescu University
Michael Kyriakides, Universal Studies of Health & Business
George Kyriakides, P. Kyriakides Group of Companies
Karen Lewis, University of Pennsylvania
Wai Keung Li, University of Hong Kong
Yingying Li, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Jimmy Liew, Campbell & Company
David Lilien, Quantitative Micro Software
Asger Lunde, Aarhus University
Koichi Maekawa, Hiroshima University of Economics
Loriano Mancini, Swiss Finance Institute at EPFL
Roberto S. Mariano, Singapore Management University
Tom McCurdy, University of Toronto
J. Roderick McCrorie, University of St. Andrews
Bertrand Melenberg, Tilburg University
Alexandros E. Milionis, University of the Aegean
Claudia Moise, Case Western Reserve University
Patrick Ryan Morris, Hagin Capital LLC
Per Mykland, University of Chicago
Theo E. Nijman, Tilburg University
Chayawat Ornthanalai, Georgia Institute of Technology
Andrew Patton, Duke University
Lasse Pedersen, New York University
Fulvio Pegoraro, INSEE-CREST
Peter C.B. Phillips, Yale University
Stephen Rappaport, Consultant
Jonathan Reiss, Analytical Synthesis, LLC
Eric Renault, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Christian Reusch, Barclays Capital
Michael Rockinger, University of Lausanne
Dale W.R. Rosenthal, The University of Illinois at Chicago
Jeffrey Russell, University of Chicago
Michael Sabbatini, Capital International Research
Olivier Scaillet, HEC Université de Gen&egrave
Peter Schotman, Maastricht University
Rainer Schulz, University of Aberdeen
Neil Shephard, University of Oxford
Kevin Sheppard, University of Oxford
William Silber, New York University
Tzvetan V. Simeonov, Connected.BG
Daniel Smith, Simon Fraser University
Glenn Sueyoshi, Quantitative Micro Software
Joseph A. Swanson, Northwestern University
George Tauchen, Duke University
Stephen Taylor, Lancaster University
Fabio Trojani, University of Lugano
Dick van Dijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Herman K. van Dijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Andrey Vavilov, Institute for Financial Studies, Moscow
David Veredas, Free University of Brussels
Bas J.M. Werker, Tilburg University
Robert Whitelaw, New York University
Christopher Wilkins, Quantitative Micro Software
Liuren Wu, Baruch College
Jun Yu, Singapore Management University
Yong Zeng, University of Missouri at Kansas City
Hua Zhao, Xiamen University
Lan Zhang, University of Illinois at Chicago
Guofu Zhou, Washington Universityin St. Louis
Hao Zhou, Federal Reserve Board
Ricardas Zitikis, University of Western Ontario

(Affiliations listed are those at the time of founding.)